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Title: Any.JS: A RESTful general-purpose computing middleware for cloud environments.
Authors: Paulino, Lucas Urzedo da Silva
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Lima, Joubert de Castro
Ribeiro, Gabriel de Oliveira
metadata.dc.contributor.referee: Almeida, André Luis
Aquino, André Luiz Lins de
Ribeiro, Gabriel de Oliveira
Lima, Joubert de Castro
Keywords: Middleware
General-purpose Computing
Service oriented architecture
Cloud Computing
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: PAULINO, Lucas Urzedo da Silva. Any.JS: A RESTful general-purpose computing middleware for cloud environments. 2022. 60 f. Monografia (Graduação em Ciência da Computação) - Instituto de Ciências Exatas e Biológicas, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Ouro Preto, 2022.
metadata.dc.description.abstracten: Middleware is everywhere and most likely will remain everywhere for a long time because it helps reduce the complexity of distributed application development. Middlewares with RESTful APIs are very useful because they are interoperable and designed for Web. Service-oriented middleware architectures turn the solutions extensible, isolated, scalable and sometimes a bit easier to guarantee fault tolerance in containerized environments due to their modularity. Many RESTful service-oriented IoT middleware solutions were developed in recent years, but few general-purpose alternatives were presented by the literature and this is an important lacuna. A general-purpose middleware must run any algorithm, i.e., call any function or method transparently, as well as store variables and data structures also transparently over a cluster. The existing RESTful APIs for processing and storage services have several limitations: i) no support for non-primitive data types as function parameters; ii) no class/component registration service; iii) no observability service to notify the caller about the end of storage and processing asynchronous calls; iv) no data structure iterator service; and v) no lock/unlock service to guarantee data structures and variables concurrent and safe accesses. The consequence is a limitation of the REST services usage, requiring a language specific complement to fully explore processing and storage services. In this work, we present the Any.JS tool, a RESTful general-purpose computing middleware for cloud environments with the support for the previous five mentioned limitations of the literature. Thus, no complementary language specific API calls are necessary with Any.JS, since only interoperable JSON objects and HTTP requests/responses are sufficient to provide general-purpose services. A comparative analysis were made against Ignite and Hazelcast solutions to highlight the strengths and weakness of Any.JS and its counterparts. Any.JS was slower than the existing solutions, but it supports a larger catalog of RESTful services. As we can see, many improvements are mandatory for the existing literature to achieve both efficiency and interoperability.
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